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Tacro Space provides had been integrating solutions for medical device innovation and entrepreneurship, merging high-quality industrial chain professional resources for the pain points of the industry, offering whole-process guidance and tracking for the project implementation, reducing project cost and risk on the basis of compliance, enlarging project value and the probability of success.

Integration of medical devices industrial chain resources
  • Connecting resources of technology transformation and implementation for medical device innovation and entrepreneur projects, at the same time building professional medical equipment industrialization database.
Financing and acquisition for medical device innovative project
  • Assisting outstanding medical device projects to sort out project implementation, financing planning and feasibility analysis.
  • Participating in seed stage investment.
  • Getting in touch with medical professional device investors and acquisition funds.
  • Organizing medical device roadshow.
Offering training and exchange services for medical device professionals
  • Recommending senior managers, senior engineers, senior  professional inspectors for medical device innovative project.
  • Developing "advanced medical device blue-collar training project", providing medical device start-ups with professional knowledge background, practical and diligent senior blue-collar talents.
  • According to different stages of medical device innovative development, the industrial and professional training related to medical device technical transformation will be held irregularly.
Medical devices industrial policy
  • Helping the government publicize the supporting policies and information, customizing project declaration plan. Helping enterprises reduce operating costs in the process of development.
Share services of incubation space
  • Providing comprehensive and comfortable office environment for the early implementation of medical device entrepreneurship, such as station lease, company registration, policy consultation, free public office resources, etc.
  • Offering the startup cafe, which provides the business atmosphere of learning, communication, training and cooperation for startup projects, and strengthens the horizontal cooperation and resource sharing between projects.