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Investigator Seminar of Tissue Engineered Skin Clinical Trial Protocol was successfully held

2021-01-20 16:41:14 583


Investigator Seminar of Tissue Engineered Skin Clinical Trial Protocol was successfully held

On January 12, 2021, multi-center investigator seminar for the safety and effectiveness of tissue engineered skin clinical trial protocol, sponsored by Stedical Scientific (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., was successfully held in Shanghai.

Academician Zhaofan Xia, Chief Physician, Hongtai Tang, and Director Zhang Li from the Changhai Hospital, David Herndon, Academician of the National Medical College of the United States, Professor Guozhong Lu, Chairman of the Affiliated Hospital of Jiangnan University and the Burn Surgery Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, Shanghai Jiaotong University Ruijin Hospital affiliated to the hospital, Professor Liu Yan, Vice Chairman of the Burn Surgery Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, and Dr. Wang Zhiyong, Sun Lin, Chairman of Stedical Scientific (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Xu Xiangxian, Chief Operating Officer, Xu Peng, Vice President of TACRO Technology, etc. Representatives of the units participated in this seminar. The experts discussed the clinical trials of tissue engineered skin from different perspectives based on their own clinical practice.


Academician Xia, Zhaofan, Chief Physician

Academician Zhaofan Xia said in her speech that skin repair materials have always been the focus of everyone's attention. Although there are some materials to choose from, they are far from perfect and cannot meet clinical needs. Stedical Scientific (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has developed a new type of tissue engineered skin, which fills the gap in this field in China. The purpose of this project is to verify its indications through clinical research and explore how to use it more beneficial to patients.


Sun, Lin Chiarman of Stedical Scientific (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Sun Lin, Stedical Scientific (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. gave a speech on the global development of tissue-engineered temporary skin substitutes in the past 50 years. According to Chairman Sun Lin, PermeaDerm, which is the clinical research product discussed in this seminar, obtained ISO13485 certification in 2018, and officially achieved mass production and began to enter clinical trials in the United States. In 2019, PermeaDerm started to enter the global clinical process. Also in 2019, for the first time, the Saide Dikang team used PermeaDerm technology with the academician Xia Zhaofan team to discuss the clinical development of PermeamDerm technology in China.

He, Xiaoqing,Manager of TACRO Medicine department

The medical manager He Xiaoqing explained and introduced the plan, and the on-site experts will answer questions and answer questions based on the content of the explanation, and give relevant suggestions. According to Xiaoqing He, as the CRO company of this project, TACRO focuses on providing medical device companies with integrated solutions such as "clinical trials, regulatory consultation, inspection and testing, commissioned R&D, consulting and training", and can provide professional medical care Device technology transformation service.


Dr. Xu, Peng Deputy General Manager of TACRO

Afterwards, the participating experts discussed the scientificity and operability of the plan. Dr. Xu, Peng said that as a leading domestic advanced medical device technology transformation service leader, TACRO is committed to creating a high-quality medical device innovation and entrepreneurship ecological environment and service experience, and contributing to the healthy development of China's medical device industry.