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Creating the Future Together | TACRO Techn 10th Anniversary Celebration

2021-08-20 09:37:38 1542

Since its establishment in Wuhan Optics Valley Biological City in 2011, TACROTechnology has gone through its tenth year. After ten years of development and precipitation, it now has a professional team of nearly 200 people and has achieved certain achievements. On July 23, 2021, in order to commemorate the ten-year history of Zhizhong and to thank our partners for their support and love to Zhizhong over the past ten years, we will hold the "10th Anniversary Celebration of Zhizhong Technology" in Optics Valley Bio-City. Cum customer exchange meeting".

Director Qian Deping said that TACRO and Bio-City have been growing with each other and thanked investors and production companies for their support to Zhizhong. The development of Bio-City is in the take-off stage, and it is believed that TACRO can continue to grow bigger and stronger. 

Director Yan Zhongning recorded a video to congratulate TACRO on its tenth anniversary.

Mr. Wang Xuehai is a well-known young marshal among Wuhan companies and has set the record of the youngest head of a listed company in Hubei. In his speech, he talked about the trust and support for TACRO Technology, and also expressed his expectations for the future development of TACRO.

Professor Liu Kan has been committed to the research and development of medical device products for many years. He is a senior practitioner of medical device transformation. He has also cooperated well with TACRO. He briefly outlined the country’s macro policy for promoting scientific research transformation and expressed his interest in the transformation of scientific research. Recognition of technology transformation work.

Guo Lei, co-founder of Zhizhong-A review of the ten years of TACRO

With a clear timeline and rich pictures and texts, Mr. Guo Lei led everyone to review the development process and milestone moments of TACRO over the past ten years, as well as the changes and persistence of TACRO . Starlight doesn't ask the travelers, time pays off, no matter what changes happen, the people will go all the way with their original intentions.


Ten years of spring and autumn, ten years of wind and rain. The past ten years have been a decade of arduous entrepreneurship, and the next ten years have been a decade of vigorous development. Thanks to our old and new friends for their support and company along the way. We will keep our original intentions unchanged and better fulfill our corporate mission: making medical device innovation and entrepreneurship not so difficult!